Italian cuisine is loved around the world for its innovative use of simple ingredients and traditional cooking methods. These authentic Italian recipes are based on a mix of ingredients coming together in perfect harmony, allowing the flavours to truly shine. With a range of delicious Italian appetizers, main dishes, and desserts to choose from, they are the perfect type of cuisine to serve at parties.

Most Italian food lovers dream of going to Italy to try the dish from where it originated. If you get to live this dream, great! However, you don’t have to travel to Italy to enjoy the authentic taste of Italian cuisine. In fact, you can simply visit the nearest restaurant for a delightful variety of authentic Italian food. Many Italian restaurants offer private dining events, allowing you to host parties and special gatherings in an intimate setting with the dedicated staff at your service.

If you are planning a party, there are certain fan favourites that you should include in your menu. Here are eight authentic Italian recipes for parties and special occasions:

1. Classic Margherita Pizza

This is one of the most famous Italian pizza recipes out there. It is simple to make and very authentic to the Italian culture. It does not have or require a lot of toppings. With this pizza, less is more. The pizza ingredients include marinara sauce, which is spread on the dough with garlic, mozzarella slices, and tomatoes.

After ten minutes in a pre-heated oven, the pizza should be ready. Garnish with fresh basil and a couple of grinds of fresh black pepper and then serve.

2. Pizzettes

These small pizzas are perfect for small buffets and they are a hit with kids at a party. Their small size makes it easier to serve many people. They can also be eaten when warm or at room temperatures. The pizzettes are mainly made using ham. However, some recipes include green olives, which is ideal for vegetarians.

Shredded mozzarella is preferred as it gives the pizzette an original flavour. These small cheesy treats can make one munch on and on since each bite leaves you craving for more.

These are some authentic Italian recipes for parties.3. Minestrone

Among one of the most popular Italian soups, minestrone has undoubtedly worked its way into North American cuisine and shows up on menus across the country. Allowing for plenty of variation, this soup is all about pairing different kinds of seasonal chopped vegetables with potatoes, beans, mushrooms, or pasta.

The trick to a successful minestrone is not to overcook the vegetables, so that they maintain a bit of crunch while contributing to the richness of the broth. Generally, you’ll see minestrone enhanced with olive oil or plenty of grated Parmigiano cheese.

4. Minestra Maritata

Literally meaning “married soup,” this Campania classic gets its name from the fact that meat and vegetables are brought together in delicious harmony. Traditionally prepared during the winter months, it usually contains plenty of winter greens such as cabbage, wild endive, chicory, and kale.

The vegetables are boiled lightly then plunged into a rich meat broth. Once the vegetables are done, small pieces of meat are added for a light boiling to blend the flavous. In some parts of Italy, this comforting soup is served with a sort of pizza or flatbread made of cornmeal and water.

5. Taralli

This unique bread, reminiscent of a cracker or pretzel, can be flavoured to be either sweet or savoury. Although the base ingredients remain the same, sweet taralli is commonly flavoured with sugar, while savoury taralli is flavoured with garlic, poppy seeds, sesame, chili, onion, or salt.

Taralli usually come in the form of a ring or oval of around 11 centimetres, but they can be made into rings of about half that size called tarallini. Originating from the southernmost region of Italy, this type of bread is often used as table bread in Italian restaurants or a snack at party events.

These are some authentic Italian recipes for events.6. Blue Cheese Prosciutto Pizza

This is a special delicacy made from slightly different toppings compared to other pizzas. In addition to the mozzarella cheese, blue cheese is also added to make this pizza extra cheesy and tasty. Prosciutto Crudo (uncooked) is preferred to prosciutto Cotto (cooked) for that authentic, unprocessed taste and feel. Most people like to add their own ingredients to give this pizza a personal taste. You get to have a pizza that’s prepared to your liking.

7. Sicilian Style Pepperoni Pizza

This is not the typical round, thin crust pie you are all used to. The Sicilian style pizza has a very thick crust and is made in a rectangle or square form depending on the shape of the baking tin. The dough is spread on the baking sheet. You can make it as thick as you want. The result is a crispy bottom, which is chewy and light on the inside.

You will need to spread slices of mozzarella cheese to your preference and then evenly spread pepperoni slices over the surface before sprinkling on Romano cheese. Bake until the pepperoni is crisp, and the bottom of the pizza is golden brown.

8. Tuna and Onion Pizza

This is one of the most common pizza topping combinations in Italy. The simplicity of the pizza makes it even more delicious and authentic. As with most pizzas, it is easy to prepare. After adding sauce, spread the mozzarella cheese evenly on the dough. Then, add tuna and freshly-cut onions to the mixture. Next, put it in a pre-heated oven for about ten minutes until the cheese melts. Sprinkle some fresh basil on the pizza and serve at your next party.